The home of GB7CD & GB7RB  

Repeater Information 

The GB7CD is a 70cms voice repeater located just outside Cardiff City Centre, and provides local Radio Hams coverage with Dstar Mode..

The Computer is a Windows O/S and is connected through a 100 Meg Internet Connection to allow APRS and Internet Traffic through.

The computer system is updated as new software and services are released. 

The GB7CD Repeater system was Founded by Brian GW6WTK

GB7RB is a 2 metre voice repeater located in St Hilary (Cowbridge).

It operates on a Windows O/S as it's operating system and is Currently awaiting internet connectivity.

The Repeater Keeper of both repeaters is Steve GW6CUR.

The GB7CD and GB7RB are active repeaters introduced by this forward thinking group of Radio operators interested in local and worldwide communication. The primary reason for setting up these systems was to enhance emergency communications in the locallity.

So although whilst both are internet linked, the group are working towards resilience of the equipment to maintain communications in times of emergency or disaster, whilst at the same time providing wide area services in normal use situations for tha ham community and for events.

Many simplex nodes in Wales support the repeaters in providing this wide area network ,such as MB6AA, MB6AB, MB6BA, MB6RL, MB6IRL, MB6ISB. MB6BS and MB6MT.




The Antenna can be seen at the top of the ladder climbing loops and the back up and TTU antennas are to the right of the stack other non ham equipment is present like lazer internet systems